can a spayed dog still mate

A spayed dog can still mate with an intact dog. In fact, it is more likely than not. Spayed women are still more prone to have an unplanned pregnancy than intact women are.

Spaying can be complicated, but I would say having a sterilization procedure done can be done before you even buy a new puppy. You can still have a dog that has been spayed in your house and it can still come into your home. A spayed dog can still have a litter of puppies.

The issue is that spaying is expensive and it can be dangerous. A spayed dog can have medical complications from the procedure, so it’s best to be very careful. There are many reasons that spaying isn’t done every time, even if you are a woman that might want to have a baby.

The procedure will be done in your vet’s office, so you are unlikely to be affected by it. Also, the surgery is very rare and very expensive. If you buy a new puppy, you will always be concerned about how it will react to not having a spayed animal in the house. But spaying is a good idea if you want to keep a pet and you have never had a pet.

But even if you’ve never had a pet, spaying a puppy can help. Your vet will usually ask you to take a blood test to make sure your dog is not pregnant. The blood test will show the presence of an estrogen hormone which will cause the female dog to want to breed. This hormone is not always present in females, especially if the dog has not had any sex! It is only found in female dogs.

The hormone, estrogen, is very present in humans and other animals (and pets) where it is involved in sexual development. It is produced in ovaries and the pituitary gland, which is located deep within the brain. When the female dog gets pregnant, she will begin to produce this hormone. But it is only found in female dogs. There is some controversy about whether this hormone is even a good thing or a bad thing.

But it is a hormone that controls reproduction in females. The pituitary gland is part of the brain that controls many important bodily functions in female dogs. It is there that the estrogen produces its effect on the female dog’s body. If it is not in the dog in the first place, it is a good thing that the female dog is pregnant or ovulating.

So, does that mean that all females should be spayed? Of course not. But for a spayed female dog to be mating with a male dog does not necessarily indicate that the male dog is sterile. It is just that the female dog still needs a female dog for protection. In other words, it is good to know the gender of your current dog, and it is good to know the gender of your future dog.

For a dog to mate with another dog, either the female dog must already be pregnant. If not, the male dog must have had sexual intercourse with two dogs. If the two dogs are not in the same litter, the male has to have had sex with two different dogs.

It is important to note that even though it is good to know the gender of your dog, your best bet is to be sure it is the one you want. If you want a female dog, don’t get a male. And if you want a male, get one as soon as you can.

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