There are people who believe that chasing a dog is totally inappropriate, but there are more people who believe that it is something that they do on a daily basis. I myself, am one of the latter. It is something that I am happy to do. It doesn’t mean that I always have.

As much as I love chasing dogs, I also find that it is a necessary evil when it comes to tracking people down. I can’t really think of another way to find someone without having to first kill them.

I love animals, but there is also a certain amount of danger involved. As a cat owner, I can see this. When I am on a job site and someone says that they are going to shoot me, I can pretty much guarantee that they will. This is because, while I am very confident in the fact that I wont be killed, I am equally as sure that I wont be able to avoid being shot.

I like to think of myself as a very cautious person. I have a certain amount of paranoia about almost anything, but it seems that I have a much more active paranoia when it comes to cats. I know that I have a cat in my backyard and I live in a rural area so I can’t go anywhere without being spotted. So I keep a few extra paces between me and my cats so that I might be able to shoot ‘em if I have to.

You can’t avoid being spotted, but you can avoid being shot. When I’m at work, I’m usually in a room where I know there is a cat and I can keep an eye on it. If the cat is out of sight, I’ll go for the kill shot. If I see a cat, I’ll start to worry. I’m not a big hunter, but I like to think I can outsmart my cat.

My cat is a very smart cat. He can track me very quickly and he can smell me from a mile away (because me and my cat have a very strong scent). Sometimes he will even chase my dogs, but I never let him do it. I usually try to get my dogs in front of him by running out of the house and putting my dogs in danger, but I have never had to run too far to get him to chase me.

I would think about that, but I honestly don’t think I could outsmart a cat. I’ve never been chased by a cat, but I’m sure I could outsmart a dog.

So, here’s the deal. The cat in the above picture is trying to catch a little stray dog in a parking lot. The dog has a long, strong, and very particular scent. The cat has no idea about the scent of the dog and is only trying to get the dog away from the cat so he can find some food.

What dog owner would be stupid enough to chase a stray dog through a parking lot? It would be a lot easier for the cat to catch the dog in the first place. The dog would probably get away from the cat before the cat ever noticed the dog. Dogs tend to be territorial, which makes it easier for dogs to catch stray dogs. Cats are usually more cautious, so they have to figure out how to break free of the dog’s scent.

Not one to leave dog owners hanging, I’m sure there is a way to make the dog chase the cat and get it away from the cat. I’m not saying this is the solution, but I think the cat would probably be more willing to do it than the dog.

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