You may recall that in the summer of 2014, I fell down a flight of stairs. I was walking my dog, Squeaky, when I tripped and went face first into the ground. It was a horrifying experience that left me with a concussion, lacerations, and a broken collarbone and arm.

Since then I’ve been asking myself, “Is it really worth it to do the surgery?” My answer is “Yes!” But it’s not just a question of if, it’s also what I think about. How I feel about it affects how I do the surgery. I feel really bad that I just did the surgery; I feel sad and embarrassed and disgusted with myself. It makes me want to get out of my body, back to my apartment, and do something else.

My first thought after I got the surgery was to cry. I felt so bad but also really happy that I had finally gotten rid of that damn dog. But now that I know I was wrong about it, I feel bad. I feel like I let the dog down. The surgery itself was awesome. I still love the dog, but I feel like my body can’t do that surgery the way I want to.

In the video above, you can hear the dog crying after the surgery.

My dog is a German Shorthair, so he’s not the sort of dog that cries after a surgery. But when I got the surgery, I was so happy that I could barely contain my emotions. “Oh shit, I thought I had all that surgery under control but it turns out I didn’t.” Or something to that sort of effect.

In the video above, the dog cries after surgery.

The reason this happened is because of a bad wound. The reason for the surgery was to remove a cancerous growth from the dog’s brain. Because the dog is unable to do the surgery himself, the animal hospital did their best to do it. Dogs cry because they are in pain. They are not in pain because they are in control of their emotions. We are in control of our emotional responses, and we can cause them to cry.

We are in control of our emotions because we have internalized our fears and are not in control of our emotions. If we can’t feel something, we would rather not feel it. We are the one in control of our emotions, and we can cause them to cry.

Dogs and cats cry because they feel helpless. We cry because it is our job as individuals and as a species to feel helpless. There is no one to blame for our feelings, so we feel helpless. We are the ones in control of our emotions, and we can cause them to cry.

There is an old saying about the world of psychology that says, “You can’t feel a thing if your not in control of your own feelings.” It is true. If you can’t feel a thing, then you will not feel it.

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