You may have heard about this dog that is famous for drinking urine while peeing. He has become a national celebrity and is even selling a set of dog pee bottles. There are rumors that he has been doing this for over a decade. There are also rumors that he was once a professional athlete. The rumors are not true, but he still drinks pee.

There are many things that sound ridiculous as a dog drinking pee, but the fact is that dog pee is a natural product of the dog’s digestive system. It’s actually a pretty common thing to see when a dog is stressed, so the whole drinking pee thing may not be that crazy. The story of the dog drinking pee is a sad one. Many dogs would love to drink pee, but unfortunately, they don’t have the enzymes needed to break down the urine.

The dog drinking pee is one of the most common myths in dog circles. The problem is that people assume that it is true because it sounds gross, but really, its not. Its because of how the digestive system works that pee is produced. The dog’s digestive tract is like a gigantic and complicated sewer system, and most of the pee is pumped out of the system through the esophagus.

The pee is actually very safe, and I’ve seen people pee their pet down a drain, so you can’t really be too grossed out by it. I’ve also seen people pee in their bathroom sink, but that is because it is extremely common for someone to pee into a sink, not because their dog drank pee.

The fact that pee is produced, combined with the fact that dogs are considered to be very clean animals, makes it a very weird thing for pets to drink. It is also one of the most common ways that dogs drink, which is why it is such a popular product.

Ive also seen dog drinking pee but Ive never seen anyone pee directly into the sink. Dogs often pee in other places, like on car seats and couches when they are on a walk. However, Ive never seen anyone pee into the sink, so you would not be able to tell that it was pee.

The dog drink pee I’m talking about is basically pee mixed with dog food. Dogs seem to like this and they also like to pee on things, so it is actually quite common. It is also one of the most common ways that dogs drink.

This is probably why there is so much dog pee in the world. I have never seen any dog pee in a sink, so it can also be that the dog pee is made from dog food and that the dog food is made from dog pee. Ive never seen a dog pee in the sink, so I guess it is either true or false.

The dog drink pee thing is one of those “I don’t care” things. In reality, dog pee has many uses. It is often used as a way to keep dogs and cats from getting sick too easily. It has other uses as well, such as making dog food and dog food products. It can also be used in conjunction with dog food for various other purposes, such as adding flavor to dog food. It can also be used to add flavor to human food.

Its also pretty cool, actually. Dog pee is also used to make dog food, dog food products, and dog clothing.

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