I’ve had a dog my entire life, so I feel like I’ve “been there, done that” kind of to. I am lucky that my dog has never had to poop in my yard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes get the urge to clean up.

When I first moved into my new house I had a dog, a tiny white and black cockapoo named “Ben,” who would poo frequently and would constantly piss in the back yard. This was annoying and disruptive to my day to day activities, and my dog would pee on everything, including me. I decided to make a rule that if Ben peeved in my yard, I would have to clean it up immediately. Well, I was doing exactly that.

The first time I got the urge, I decided to start with making it a rule. I don’t think I had to use a lot of water to clean it up, but I probably did, and I was pretty surprised to see what was behind the mess. My dog was pissed. His pee was everywhere – on the ceiling, on the wall, on the couch, on the refrigerator.

People have been calling our dog the pee monkey for a while, but it’s a really good name that I think we should keep. We are very protective of our dogs, but our dogs have been known to pee on our friends, neighbors, and even our kids. In fact, I think one of the reasons Ben is so protective of his pee is that he is such a good example of how important it is to clean up after your dog.

The dog’s pee was also everywhere at our house. It was all over the kitchen, the couch, our room, Ben’s food bowl, my bed, and our dog’s bed, and even on our dog’s hair. The whole thing was a disaster.

The reason our dog pee is important is because it is incredibly toxic. If your dog does anything to your dog, you can get very sick. If you don’t clean up after your dog, it’s really hard to remember that you did that. In fact, in my house the entire time I was in school Ben would pee on me to remind me to clean up after him.

Ben’s pee is not actually toxic to pets. It’s just irritating to us. But if you keep him away from your dog, you will get sick. So the way to keep Ben away is to clean up after him. This is why dog baths and dog grooming are important.

So we all had to sit through this dog pee commercial to see how a dog holds its pee. It was a little gross and annoying, so I was glad to see the commercial end on a much better note.

I love the commercial, but it just felt like it was a little too self-referential to me. My dog is a cat, and one of the things I love about his pee is that it’s his pee. I don’t see how a dog pee commercial is going to inspire me to get a dog. It’s just too self-referential.

I’m glad to see a commercial that is more self-aware. One of my favorite commercials was for the new Apple iPhone, and Apple created one of the most self-aware commercials I’ve ever seen. It was an ad called “A New York City of the Future” that showed people sitting on their phones in the subway.

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