We all have experienced it. The first moment someone touches your face, you are immediately overcome with a desire to lick their face. It has happened to me more than once, I just can’t help myself.

People will often comment on how delicious and sexy a certain kind of peanut butter is, or how good their skin is. This is sometimes known as the “peanut butter mustache” meme. The phrase comes from the fact that when someone eats a peanut butter sandwich, they rub their face against their lips to get the peanut butter and grease on it.

I think the desire to lick the face of someone you like is as natural as the desire for peanut butter, but the term itself is as ambiguous as the phrase itself. The most common interpretation of the phrase is something along the lines of “hey look at that face! I want to lick it”. I think the definition that best captures the meaning of licking someone’s face is “I want to eat them”.

I think the phrase is the best way to describe both the act of licking someone’s face and the desire to eat them. The act of licking the face of someone really is the essence of the phrase, just as the desire to eat someones face is the essence of licking someone’s face. Even though I prefer the literal interpretation, I think the two are completely different, as is the best way to understand the feeling of licking someone’s face.

The reason I think the phrase “licking peanut butter” is so good is because it expresses both the act of licking someone’s face and the feeling that happens when you do so. As you can see from the above, the peanut butter is also a metaphor for the desire to eat someones face, and it can be a literal reference too.

The best way to explain the feeling of licking someones face is with an example. When I was little and my parents first introduced me to peanut butter, they made sure I always ate the whole thing. This expression ‘lick someones face’ was one of those things they used to make me do. I guess it’s because it was something I’d always wanted to do. I guess I was also the only one who did it.

The fact that the peanut butter is a metaphor for licking someone’s face can actually backfire. By licking the face of others, we subconsciously think we’re doing something nice for them. This can make our actions seem noble, but it can also make us feel like we’re doing something wrong. If we want to lick someone’s face, we need to understand that we’re actually doing something wrong.

I see it as a good thing. I also see it as a good thing that the “we” in this meme is “we are dog lovers”, because that means that its the pet we are licking, and not the person who actually has the dog.

Licking the face of people who have pets is a good example of the “dog licking peanut butter meme.” In the past, we have seen this meme as something bad that happens when people don’t know how to properly care for their pets, and in Dog Lovers we see a person who is obviously not doing something right.

You will notice that the people licking the face of the dog are not the person licking the dog. This is because when someone is licking someone else’s face, they are only licking the face of that person, not the person licking the dog.

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