I have never called my dog “Honshu” when we go to Japan. When I was in college, my buddy’s dog used to call us “Honshu”. I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing to be called by your favorite name.

When it comes to naming dogs, I’m not sure how it is in the West. For example, we have a dog named after a district in Japan where we live, but the only dog I’ve ever had named after a district is my own.

At one point, my dog was named after my dog’s home town, but I’ve never had a dog named after my dog’s district. So I think I actually have a good reason why it’s called that.

In the West we call a dog after an actual geographic location. In the East we call a dog after a state, or a country. So if youre having trouble with the name, think of what your dog would be called if you actually lived in that district.

A dog named after a district would be a good idea, but a name like “Doggy Dog” is a bit of a stretch. The name “Doggy” is from the Latin ‘hocus pocus’ which means “foolishness.” Which is a good thing, because dogs are often, or at least should be, fussy. But a name like “Doggy” means something like “an idiot.” Or “a fool.

In general, a dog would be a good choice, because it would make you think of someone very foolish. And besides, the state of New Hampshire is called the Granite State.

That part is true. So if you’re looking for a name, call your dog “Doggy”. As in, “I’m going to get a dog named for a district, one that’s in the honshu district.

A honshu district is a small area that is inhabited by a single family. It’s one of the very rare places where you can get an area of the world’s most beautiful scenery. It’s quite a beautiful area of New Hampshire, and much of it is accessible by plane. The area is named for the honshu region in Japan, which is the land of mountains, lakes, and tea.

Sounds like a good name for a dog, but we have to say that Doggy is a bit of a weird name. It was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to the district that the game takes place in. So if youre looking for a name, call your dog a dog named for a district, one thats in the honshu district.

Like many things in Japan, the honshu district has a strong influence on the Japanese language. It’s an area of land where mountains rise up in the most impressive ways, and where there are tea plantations. But it’s also part of a group of districts that also have mountainous areas, tea plantations, and many unique cultures. A lot of the districts in the game have different names for the very reasons that Doggy is named after them.

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