I can’t say that I don’t have my own toilet-related anxieties. For me, the toilet is the most private place on the property, so this is really the first place I’m going to check before jumping in the shower.

This is just one of many pet peeves that I have about our bathroom. But as a bonus, there is an option to have your toilet bowl cleaned for you, without having to actually walk down the hallway and get a plunger. Now THAT is something worth checking.

This is a nice little addition, but I think I am probably a little biased with my toilet-related anxieties. I have had my first’real’ (read: serious) toilet experience here at my home about a year and a half ago (while my wife was at work) and the process was extremely traumatic. I was terrified I would pee in my pants. It turns out that the toilet that they have installed in the shower and that gets flushed in my bathroom is a plastic one.

That means that, while not the most sanitary thing you can use, there is absolutely no way that you can get your dog to poop on the toilet you are now shitting into. The only way to do this is to get the toilet out of your bathroom and flush it in the kitchen or the garage.

My wife decided to take a look and said that the dog is not actually pooping on the toilet, but rather is doing the exact same thing in the kitchen. She thought that it was just a matter of time until someone discovered it and that it was a bad idea to put the dog in the bathroom. She was right. It’s not a dog, it’s a toilet.

Now that’s some poop. I’m not sure if that just means that we are in the process of discovering the existence of this new species of pooping animal, or if it means that we’re now going to be the one to discover it and that we have to go through the dog poop to get to it. Either way, let’s just stop with the poop-on-toilet thing and start with the toilet.

We’re talking about the toilet now, so no, poop on the toilet doesn’t mean poop on the toilet. The fact that dog poop is on the toilet is just a result of there’s dog poop.

The reason dog poop is on the toilet is because the toilet seat was made of dog poop. Which is pretty awesome.

The toilet seat is made from dog poop. Yeah, it’s really awesome. It’s also pretty awesome that dog poop is on the toilet to begin with. This toilet seat is made out of poop that came from two dogs, the other being a human. And I love that the toilet seat is made from poop that came from poop. So yeah, it’s awesome.

The dog poop on the toilet seat is actually the result of a dog poop fetish. Apparently it is common for dog owners to throw out their dog poop on the toilet, but if they do, they have to clean up the poop they throw out. This is because dog poop smells like dog poop and is toxic and should be avoided by the dog owner. If you think I’m being a bit too serious about this, click here.

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