I sat down with my dog, and while walking the dog, I was startled by an unidentifiable sound. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a small dog in a crouch in the grass, looking up at me.

Dog sitting was a term used in the early 2000s to describe the practice of petting a dog while it sat in your lap. To do this, you would have to come to the dog’s house, sit with it, and keep it company while it exercised. While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of these claims, I do know that many people were fascinated (and a few were downright dangerous) by the idea of having a pet sit.

It’s a myth that pet sitting resulted in dog attacks, though I suppose the idea is that a dog might be more suspicious of a strange man with a dog than a strange dog with a strange man. Dog sitting did lead to a rash of dog attacks, but dog attacks don’t necessarily have anything to do with pet sitting.

It’s just a myth, but pet sitting has been linked to a rash of dog attacks. The most famous incident was in the mid-nineties, when a man from the UK named Stephen King, a dog lover, came to a pet sitter’s home in New York to have his dog, a German Shepherd, for the weekend.

The most famous dog attack was actually in 1997 when a woman named Jennifer Jones from Tennessee had her dog, Buddy, attacked by a man who was having a bad day. Not only was the dog attacked, but also her boyfriend, who had spent the weekend with her. The dog was seriously injured, and the boyfriend was arrested.

In the end, the guy who used to own the pet sitters home was not the one who had the dog attacked. This was actually a case of a woman who was in a car accident that night and the accident’s witnesses heard an argument between the two men about how something had happened. That’s when the man who owned the dog died, and the dog’s owner was arrested.

This is also part of an old story, but I’m guessing it happened around the same time as the dog incident.

It’s not really a story, but it’s a bit of a twist on one of the most well known’story’ from the old days. Two men fight, one gets hurt, and dies, and the other never gets to see the end of it. One of the most famous’story’ ever told, The Case of the Dog Who Can’t Sit.

The dog’s owner was an old acquaintance of mine who was a vet. He was also a dog lover, so he was the perfect person for this story. I think he was the one who gave me the name of the dog in question. I’ve included the relevant story from his website at the end.

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