This dog is sleeping on top of me. I think it is because it is my best friend, but I have no idea why this dog thinks it is my best friend. I have a dog named Pookie. Pookie is my best friend, and we share everything. I am sleeping on top of him.

It must be because Pookie is my best friend, I guess. I’m not sure my dog is my friend. He doesn’t seem to have any friends. But he does have other dogs.

Well there you have it.

If you think about it, dogs are very close to we, the only thing that can be said to be true about them is that they are very close to us. They are one of the most social animals on the planet. As such, when they lose a loved one or a friend, they often become very sad. And they don’t really come right out and say it, but I think that the idea is that they miss the people they lost or the friends they lost.

I’ve lived with several dogs, and they get very sad when someone they care about dies. And they cry. They cuddle. And if I’m honest, I think that they miss the people they had. But I don’t think that this is the full truth. I think that the reality is that, if we look at dogs, they are very close to us, but they don’t think very much about us.

When you think about it, if you are one of the people who are “losing” someone, you are probably missing them. When you’re dealing with grief, you’re really losing yourself. You are grieving for a person you no longer have. Youre not just being polite, you are missing them. And this is also true with dogs, but dogs feel like they only have one human connection (their humans).

Dogs can be very lonely creatures, but they dont have the same social skills as us. They dont have the same ways of relating to us, they dont have the same sense of humor, and they dont have the same sense of empathy. They are more into the physical, and they really dont have that much of a connection to us. In my mind, dogs can be very lonely, but they dont give us a hard time.

Well, I guess, the dog who sleeps on your lap is probably doing it because it feels good, too. But the dog who sleeps with you in the middle of a room, or the dog who sleeps on your lap if you get too close to them? I think that that sort of bond is something that only dogs can have.

People are strange. Dogs can feel like that. But while they are not quite as loyal or close as cats or other dogs, they feel as if they are. They can have a lot of emotional connection and feel like they are truly connected to us. A cat can feel that, as can a dog, but a dog can also make you feel that he is actually not really there, he is just there for you in some funny way. I think it is actually a part of that connection.

Dogs are the only mammals that can be completely disconnected from their emotions. They don’t get depressed like we do, and they don’t freak out like we do. They don’t get angry or scared or anything like that. But they do feel as if there is a part of them that is actually there, but detached from reality.

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