Happy birthday to our beautiful little guy! He is 3 years old and is all the way done with his birthday, but he still talks to me in dog language.

I love that He has the power of speech. I’m sure I can get him to talk to me in any language, but I really prefer when he does it in dog language.

I’m not sure what prompted the dog language, but I’m glad to see this again. He is really sweet and we have a few moments of peace to enjoy that I’m sure will last the whole day.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today, but I will be back tomorrow with more fun facts and answers.

We are also excited to announce that Deathloop is now available on PlayStation 4. So if your PlayStation 4 is hooked up to the internet and you’re in need of a quick game fix, Deathloop is a great option.

What’s better than a quick game fix? A quick game fix and a quick game fix! In fact, if you own a PlayStation 4 and you are looking for a quick game fix, you might want to give playing Deathloop a shot. The game has an endless number of options that you can use to customize your shooting and combat, making it a great option for both hardcore gamers and non-gamers alike.

Deathloop is a 3D action-platformer with an emphasis on stealth and stealth mechanics that allow you to kill your enemies without them even knowing you’re there. The game lets you customize the weapons and powers of your characters, so you can focus on killing those Visionaries before they even realize you are there. It has a great soundtrack that is easily enjoyed regardless of your mood.

Deathloop is coming to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

The game has a special day, so enjoy it.

Deathloop is now available for pre-order here at GameStop. It’s also available from the PlayStation store here.And if you aren’t completely sold by the trailer yet, here’s a good interview with the devs.

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