i found one flea on my dog

I found a flea on my dog one day. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was still a little weird for him to find it. It was an afterthought, but it was there and I was happy to have it.

I find it odd that he found the flea in such a way that it wasn’t bothering him. I suppose it’s possible that he found it just so he could pet it (which is kind of creepy). It probably means that he remembers something, but I’m not sure what.

It doesn’t really matter what happened to the flea, it just happens to be in the right place at the right time, but the fact that he even noticed it at all is interesting. It’s possible that the flea’s been there since before the start of the game too, but I don’t know. Its a little weird to pet a flea and not even notice when you find it.

A lot of developers are also fans of the game petting game.

The game Petting Game is a series of games that pits you against a pet. In each of the games you have to pet a pet and only get points for each time you do. It is similar to how the Super Bowl is a game of football.

I played the Petting Game and I found it very different from the other games in the series. The main difference being that the Petting Game has a much more serious and serious tone than the other games. Petting Game is very much like the other games in that it focuses on getting points for petting and not the actual game itself. You get points for petting, and you have to pet a specific pet. I got the point for petting a flea.

The game is different. You get points for petting. There is no game. It’s more like a petting game. I petted my dog and got a point. The point is that you get points for petting fleas.

That’s the Petting Game. This is a new petting game, which we’re also calling flea Petting Game. It is about getting points for petting, like the Petting Game but it doesn’t involve games, so you don’t have to get points for petting.

The Petting Game, or Game of Petting, is a petting game. Similar to what the Petting Game does, but the game is not about petting. It is about catching fleas. The game is played in the same way as the Petting Game. You get points for catching fleas, like the Game of Petting. You have to pet a specific flea.

The game works like the Petting Game, except instead of petting a specific flea you get points for catching a certain amount of fleas. You can get a lot of points for catching lots of fleas, like the Game of Petting. The thing is, the game is a lot more fun, and you don’t have to get points for catching a specific flea. You just have to catch fleas for a certain amount of points.

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