It was a Friday in August and our dog, who’s name is Max, was visiting from Texas. We were in our home in San Diego and he was visiting from his home in Austin. Max had gotten into a little trouble in the past with a guest, and he had gotten the guy to apologize and pay for the damages.

He was still pretty groggy and a little shaken up, but he made it to the front door. I called him in from the porch and told him that he had hit his head on a piece of glass. Max was in the living room watching TV when I called him. I asked how he was feeling and he said he was fine. Then I asked if he could sit up and he agreed.

When I asked him if he could stay with Max, Max asked if he could stay with Max. So then Max and Max’s friend came over to help me clean up the mess. Max and Max’s friend then left to get a few things. Max was still groggy and a little shaken up, but he made it back to the door.

Max is an 11-year-old golden retriever. It’s always the best to take him to the vet and get it looked at, but in this case I made the call and Max was fine.

The vet checked Max’s head for a few minutes, and then he looked up and said his jaw is fine. He also did a cursory check of Max’s ears. Both Max’s ears and Max’s jaw were fine. Max’s ears have a hairline fracture in it.

That’s not as cut and dry as it might sound. There’s a few other things that could have caused Maxs injury, and if he had hit his head, those things could have been the culprits. But the vet’s main point is that this is a really good dog. Max does seem to have a bit of concussion, but the vet suspects the concussion is from a little bit of a fall.

We have an excellent vet, but his main point is that Max, more than anyone else in his family, is a survivor. He has no record of any injuries whatsoever so he is basically invincible. But even if he had been injured, he would be able to recover completely. He is a special dog who is basically a walking genetic therapy experiment. Max’s genetic experiment was carried out with a few different methods back in his pre-adolescent days.

My dog, Max, is a survivor. He is a walking genetic therapy experiment. We’ve never really seen him hurt before and at this point I bet his head is as good as it can get.

The most famous genetic experiment was carried out in the early 1980s by a scientist named Craig Venter. His goal? To create a human cell line with the capability of rapidly reproducing itself. The cells would be cultured in a petri plate and would reproduce in the petri plate. The very first cell line to be created was called Bacteriophage T7.

The T7 bacteriophage is a perfect example of a cell line. It was created by scientists at the University of California Berkeley to make the very first “genetically engineered” organism. The T7 cell line allowed scientists to genetically modify viruses and bacteria.

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