The thing is, I often forget I’m petting my dog. So when I do, he doesn’t stop. It’s a bit of a surprise.

Its also a bit of a surprise that Im petting my dog in the first place. It’s like a habit, and if you can get past that, it’s actually a fairly common one. So when your dog is ignoring you but you know you still have to pet him, you can’t help but wonder when something is just not right.

Dogs are pretty easy to ignore too, and they don’t really pay attention to your every move. But even if they do, you can’t really blame them for being too distracted. Its because they’re living in a world that is very different from ours. We’re all busy, constantly having to deal with our own immediate needs and the demands of our daily lives. If you don’t want your dog distracted, you need to train it to pay attention to you.

It is easier said than done, but you have to train your dog to pay attention to you. Dogs are just so much like us. They dont really pay attention to us unless we force them to do so. We have to train them to remember that we are important. Because we forget as often as we do, we tend to get distracted. So it helps to train your dog that you care about it. This does not mean that you need to be a super dog person, though.

Dogs are not that different from us in that they will ignore us when we do something to make them “less happy” or “less alert.” That being said, training your dog to pay attention to you can be challenging. Even if your dog is a little more on the “dog’s team” than you are, you still have to make sure that he is paying attention to you, too.

In our experience, the best training method is to make sure your dog is familiar with our voice, but also that he is also aware of you. That way when you ask him to do something for you, he will be ready and willing. The best way to train your dog to pay attention to you is to train him to pay attention to you.

You can teach your dog, for example, to pay attention to your face or your voice. Another way is to use a distraction such as a remote control or a toy. When your dog is trained to pay attention to you, you can ask him to do something for you in the future. You could also ask your dog to run to you when you ask him to stand up, but that’s not very fun. Instead, you can ask him to “pay attention” to you.

This is a great trick for the dog to do if you’re always getting up to pee. When you walk your dog to the bathroom or to go to the bathroom, you tell him to stay at your feet or to go to your nose. The dog will stay at your feet regardless of what you do. When you walk, the dog will go to your nose. When you ask him to go to your nose, the dog will then go to your feet.

This is a great trick for dogs because they can get to know you. Dogs also have the ability to communicate with humans by barking, so they can also communicate with us by ignoring us. You can ask your dog to pay attention to you, or to pay attention to your dog, but you can’t ask him to ignore you or your dog.

Dogs can be very good at ignoring us. They are able to tell we are humans, and can even tell us apart from other dogs. Dogs can also be very good at communicating with us, as my dog has told me that he is my dog and I am his, and he is my dog and he is his dog.

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