A lot of people think of their own dog as a sort of guardian angel, but let’s be honest, they are just that—an angel. Even though they are well trained to be the best guard dog they can be, they are so much more than this. They have the capability of thinking and acting on their own, and not just when their owners are around.

One of my favorite quotes from the trailer is…

I think the new trailer is so great because it reminds us that the dog is not just a dog. It is a living, sentient being. It is a sentient being that has feelings, likes attention, and is not afraid of any form of pain.

Now I know that, as a human, I probably have no problem with this, but a dog that has learned about other dogs, other personalities, and other people, and has now been around them and learned what they are…not just a dog, but a dog with feelings, likes attention, and is not afraid of any form of pain.

This one definitely has a certain “woe is me” feel to it. The whole “dog” scene is cute, but it is one of the more serious scenes in the movie, which is why it is so jarring when it is over-dramatized.

Again, I really think the scene works, but the entire scene is overused and it gets a little confusing. It would’ve been nice to see a dog growling at someone, but overall it is still pretty cute.

Overall, I really liked this one. It was kind of a weird choice to put the dog in the scene, but I think it works. And it was nice to see the puppy growl at someone, especially considering that the movie is basically about a dog and a puppy just getting in each other’s faces. But I think the entire scene was overused and it was nice to see that the dog is growl at the puppy, rather than that the puppy is growling at the dog.

The scene where the dog growls at the puppy is not overused but it is very cute. My favorite part of this one was how the puppy growls as the dog growls at the puppy.

I don’t think the puppy growls at the puppy is overused. I think it is cute. I like it.

I think the puppy growling at the puppy scene is overused. I liked it and I would love to see a more diverse set of scenes like this one. But I still don’t think it is overused.

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