I know it’s a simple thing, but it’s important to understand that dogs don’t do this. They do this because they love you and want to show you care. They don’t do it for the fun of it. They don’t do it for the attention. They do this because you are an important person, and they want to show you that you are important too.

I’m going to make this a simple and easy question to answer.

The answer is because your dog likes you. Dogs are animals, and they are in love with their humans. For this reason, dogs always lick their ears. It’s simply a way of showing their affection for you.

Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. When they’re not being playful, they lick up what they think is a tasty treat. So when you’re in a public place, they’ll lick your collar or sleeve or wherever they think you’re holding your dog. They will be happy to lick your ears.

You may also notice that your dog will lick your ear just because it likes you. Dogs also enjoy this behavior because it’s a way they can show their affection and want to show their love to you. They will lick your ear while they are having a special bond with you.

Dogs are great at this behavior because they use this behavior to find out if they are getting close. If they are, they will lick your ear while trying to show you that they are really, really close to you. This behavior is known as the “peek-a-boo” because theyll do this several times before they will actually lick your ear.

I’ve been told that it’s a good way to get my dog to show affection. If you read the list of commands and understand the meaning of each, then I’m sure you can tell your dog to lick your ear.

I always think of my dog as my little brother, so I’m not overly concerned about his licking my dog’s ear. I am, however, slightly concerned to see it happen to my dog, and in the future I might think twice about having my dog lick another dog’s ear.

I dont know if its the same word or just the same letter, but I bet its a common mistake. One of our dogs often runs to the bathroom to lick another dog’s ear. It’s a good way to get your dog to show affection, especially if youve got a dog with a great sense of humor and are able to laugh about it.

This is actually a bad habit to create. The dog-licking behavior is actually a sign of affection. You should never lick another dog’s ear, because you’ll just end up hurting yourself. But I guess you can try to get some practice before you set the new rule in motion.

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