My dog, Lulu, just yelped in his sleep at night. I thought it was a good idea to put him in the same room as me, but when I went to him, he yelped when he thought I wasn’t looking. I was surprised because I’ve never heard of a dog yelping in the night.

The yelping dog is one of the most common noises that dogs make – and usually they are in the middle of their sleep. But this particular yelp is very unusual – Lulu seems to be in a trance, and his yelping is just a part of his normal night routine. It may be the sound of his life being a single moment in time.

I would assume that, like many dogs, Lulu’s yelp is a part of his general sleep ritual. But his yelp is different. In Lulu’s sleep, his yelp is actually part of his dreamtime. This is one of the reasons why dogs are so good at recognizing the presence of their owner when they are asleep.

Dogs and cats are very good at recognizing a human presence in their dreams. They’ll yelp if you walk up to them and wake them up. They can also recognize the sound of your voice or the scent of your hair, so they are pretty good at recognizing you.

This is also why Lulus yelps when he’s asleep. He’s in the dreamtime of his owner, so he has to acknowledge his presence and wake up.

Its a very good reason to sleep with your eyes open.

Also, dogs yelp if they are startled awake, because they can smell you.

You know, dogs yelp if you play with them. Lulus does it if you wake him up. Its called a yelp reflex.

So its possible that the dog yelping in his sleep is just one of the various ways that dogs yelp. This is one of the ways that dogs can learn new things. In the case of Lulus, the dog is yelping so he is getting a general idea that you are awake. In the case of a dog that has been yelping in his sleep, he is getting a general idea that you are awake.

You may have to shake him a little to wake him up, but I think that in this case dogs are trying to get our attention because they know that we will yelp if they play with us. They have a lot of information that is available to them that we don’t have.

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