the scratching is a simple habit but it has become a rather annoying habit. It started when my dog was young and it got to the point where it was a nuisance to him. My husband was taking him to the vet and he kept bringing the dog into the car. “Look, he’s scratching his ears!” I remember thinking. “He is scratching his ears!” I kept waiting for the vet to say something, but they never did.

The scratching of the ears is one of those habit-like things that happens to dogs. They are pretty good at it though, so a simple solution is to stop bringing them into the car.

I think there is a difference between scratching their ears and other ear-related things like scratching the skin of the paw. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that a dog can scratch its ear. I think it is a good thing though to be able to quickly get the dog to stop. It seems more severe than scratching the skin of the paw.

I couldnt agree more. If you scratch your dog’s ears, you are probably doing more harm than good. Scratching the ears can cause permanent damage to the cartilage in the ears, which can lead to bone growth and possible ear infections, which the dog can easily pick up from the scratch itself. Also, the ear-scratching habit can lead to ear infections that, in turn, can lead to chronic ear problems and a dog’s eventual death.

This is exactly correct. All you can do is protect your dog’s ears! And that includes keeping them clean and healthy and not scratching them at all.

I know people sometimes just scratch them and say, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that!” If you’re doing it to a dog you really aren’t sorry at all. It’s just a bad habit, and it’s very bad for your dog, but you’re not really sorry.

So the dog knows that scratching his ears is a bad habit. But the problem is, he gets really upset when he scratches his ear and it hurts, so it leads to the next problem, a bigger one…

The problem with ear-scratches is that they don’t just hurt your dog, they hurt your ears. And it’s not just your ears that are being injured by scratching. Scratching your ears and scratching your face can both hurt your skin, so any scratching that happens to your face is going to hurt your face too. So, how do you stop a habit like that from hurting your ears? Well, make a habit out of it.

The best cure is to change the habit itself. Make a habit of not scratching your ears or scratching your face. A habit with a short-term fix isn’t going to make a long-term change.

In this section, I’ll tell you how to change your habit of scratching your ears. Thats the key. First, you need to decide what your dog is doing scratching, and why it is scratching. For instance, if you have a dog who is constantly barking and running around, then you want to make a habit to stop that. Even if your dog is playing and not barking, then you would want to make a habit of not playing with it in this environment.

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