640+ Greatest Chocobo Names

Pretty sure the notepad is either gone or lost someplace within the depths of a closet I’m additionally pretty certain I named my golden feminine chocobo Serah. In VII I would name the Chocobos after their rating/colour/sex. So a “Great” yellow Chocobo could be GreatF, while a black male Chocobo can be BlackM.

The rarest, most tough to accumulate, gold chocobos strut their feathers like they’re god’s present to this earth . In continuation of the Chocobo Raising Info entry, I even have additionally discovered the list of names that you could select on your Chocobo. The names are sorted alphabetically and grouped by how many letters there are in the name. In FF7 I go through numerous stages of Boco, Choco, and different “oco” ending names.

So should you’re like me, you could use slightly inspiration. We are always want know your Favorite Names From Our Described List, if we missed Something and You have Already Your Best names Then additionally Share With Us. Below you will discover name concepts for chocobo with different classes depending in your wants. The good news about this recreation is you needn’t obtain it to play it, you simply have to go to the internet site of FFXI and begin to play.

But their individuality goes past just the colour differentiation that we’ve seen throughout the sequence. Oversized chicken-ostrich hybrid creatures usually are not sometimes generally identified as man’s greatest pal. Finally my dreams of naming my chocobo “Foot” are realized. Chocobo name generator is a tool the place you possibly can create a reputation for your personal chocobo. It can be each female and male, but the preview continues to be WIP.

What we termed the “Battle-Hardened Chocobo” can be recognized by the purely aesthetic addition of customizable armor, which supply no new skills — other than wanting badass AF, of course. You might know that there are many chocobo video games gamers wish to play FFXIV-related Chocobo sport or Chocobo puzzle sport. This name generator is a component of the FREE online neighborhood created by me for players of the sport. My technique for naming them is choosing out names of wine brands I like. I prefer to walk by way of the wine isles in a grocery store and pick names I take pleasure in, like Alamos, Erath, Risata, etc.

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The Eidolon Odin, who serves Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lightning, is put in the type of a chocobo in the course of the events of Lightning Returns, with Lightning able to experience him in one of the game’s areas. The developers did this to permit gamers to see Lightning’s emotional connection with Odin. Both Boco and Chocolina were featured, alongside different chocobo-related characters, in World of Final Fantasy. A creative safety rule violations can cause hunting name will allow you to catch attention stand out and grab the attention of the other gamers. These names can also be used within the video games collection as they’re very funky and funky. These fictional species are extremely popular in the Final Fantasy video game sequence.