According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, older age groups (65-74 years) are more likely to develop obesity which currently amounts to approximately 41% of adult obesity cases. 

Weight loss regimes are difficult since they demand consistency and dedication. They require hours at the gym and a balanced diet. Various techniques and diets have emerged, and you may follow these diets and exercise routines religiously and see results. Yet,  some may opt for surgical methods like liposuction or other techniques like weight loss patches. This article provides key insights into weight loss patches in Australia.

What Are Weight Loss Patches?

You can fix these patches on the skin to help with weight loss. The fixation can be anywhere from the upper arm to the ankle. One should wipe the area of the skin before fixing the weight loss patch if it isn’t waterproof. If it is waterproof, it can be kept intact even during a shower.

How Does It Work?

Weight loss patches in Australia are generally filled with substances that aid in losing calories by increasing the metabolism, reducing the hunger cravings, or increasing the energy levels. Integrating all these varied aspects can ensure weight loss eventually.

A greater metabolism rate helps in excess fat loss, thus helping the person reduce weight. By controlling hunger cravings, one can avoid over-eating to minimise the calorie intake. Finally, increasing energy levels will help the person build more stamina while exercising. 

These patches typically last for 24 hours unless mentioned otherwise. So, the regular and timely release of the substances into the body will not lead to disastrous effects. These patches are often known as transdermal patches based on their function. The ingredients in the patches are absorbed into the body through the skin, unlike diet pills.

Commonly Used Ingredients

  1. Lecithin: It helps decrease bad cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. 
  2. 5-HTP: It is a mood-lighting substance that helps control emotional eating.
  3. Fucus vesiculosus: It helps increase metabolism by regulating the thyroid gland’s functioning as it is rich in iodine. It is also commonly called Bladderwrack.
  4. Hoodia: It helps suppress hunger.
  5. Green tea: Everyone is familiar with green tea for its health benefits. It also aids in weight loss and is commonly found in weight loss patches.
  6. Yerba mate: It helps decrease fat cells in people who consume this.
  7. Guarana: It is a metabolism-boosting natural stimulant.
  8. Açai berry: It helps boost metabolism and suppress the appetite. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Is Using a Weight Loss Patch Safe?

Unlike the diet pills such as Ephedra, weight loss patches are not connected to controversies. And hence, they are regarded as a safe weight-loss strategy. However, a few weight-loss manufacturers need to mention the ingredients infused into the patches. So, it is not wise to opt for such patches, as one may be allergic to one or more unknown ingredients.

It is advisable to check for the label of ingredients before purchasing any weight-loss patches. If the ingredients are familiar and without side effects, one can use them to reduce calories effectively. Avoid going for cheap options as they might not be certified products.

Final Thoughts

The Australian Institute of Health & Welfare reports that adult men have higher obesity and overweight rates than women. While surgery to augment weight loss may be expensive, weight-loss patches are feasible. Before buying weight-loss patches, one should check the ingredients and ensure they are not allergic to them. Ensure that you purchase patches of high quality, and remember to check the expiry date. But apart from weight-loss patches, consider a sustainable approach. An exercise physiologist can create a safe and effective weight loss plan that incorporates your preferences and goals. They can also recommend dietary changes and provide guidance on portion control. While weight-loss patches might seem feasible, consulting a professional like an exercise physiologist can lead to long-term success.

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