Cleanliness in a commercial property is something that cannot be overemphasized because it is also important in influencing the perception of the clients and the customers especially when they are dealing with the employees of the property. The issue of cleanliness affects the productivity of the business by increasing worker effectiveness, decreasing time off, and improving the company’s image. 

Nonetheless, maintaining the cleanliness of a commercial space is not always easy if there is no strategy in place to follow. The following are efficient and viable strategies that would enhance the janitorial activities of any commercial space.

1. Develop a Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning of commercial properties is the foundation of having a clean environment through proper planning. Schedule to-do lists for daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities so that all areas of the home get attention. Some would involve cleaning tasks that are done daily and these include emptying bins, cleaning of restrooms, and dusting/ wiping of high contact areas while others involve general cleaning that is done every week they include cleaning of carpets and sweeping floors. 

Daily cleaning tasks can include vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping the floor; weekly cleaning may include dusting, wiping, and scrubbing; and monthly deep cleaning might include tasks such as window washing, pressure washing, carpet shampooing, and air duct cleaning. It also prevents any area from being overlooked, thus offering a general clean look.

2. Utilize Professional Cleaning Services

Indeed, cleaning carried out by using in-house personnel is very important in a property, but engaging a professional cleaner makes the place more hygienically clean. Others may hire professional cleaners since they know the know-how of cleaning, and possess the proper tools, and available cleaning products to effectively deal with difficult stains, carpets, and even the surfaces’ germs. 

Organizing professional cleaning sessions periodically guarantees that not only accessed spaces are clean but also other zones that are visited and cleaned seldom also look polished and help create a healthier and more inviting atmosphere.

3. Encourage Employee Participation

The cleanliness of each commercial building is a responsibility that is shared among all the parties involved. Promote cleanliness at the employees’ worksites and ensure that every employee is held accountable for his or her environment by maintaining proper hygienic sanitation of clutter and mess, proper disposal of wastes, and reporting any incidences of spillages and need for repairs. 

Ensuring that cleaning materials, as well as waste baskets, are placed in conspicuous areas assists in this process. Forcing the staff to attend meetings about hygiene, conducting Commercial day porter, or sending out daily/weekly/monthly emails and other forms of messages regarding cleanliness are some of how this goal may be achieved.

4. Implement Green Cleaning Practices

Many times, using environmentally friendly cleaning services can play an essential role in improving workplace health while proving that your company is environmentally conscious. Clean using environmentally friendly materials that do not contain ingredients such as alkalis, acid, bleach, or other toxic substances. 

Promoting microfiber cloths and mops which work better and are efficient in dirt accumulation and are used with little or no water and cleaning solutions. Adoption of green practices can have benefits centered on the improvement of indoor air standards, limiting opportunities for allergic reaction occurrences, and ensuring the safety of all people.

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