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Bretl et al. approximated flexible wires domestically utilizing a chart within the 3D world and demonstrated its utilization in quasi-static manipulation planning. Ramirez et al. developed a finite element model for a fireplace hose and used it to generate the pulling motion of a humanoid robot. In , a framework for cable shapes manipulation using a deformation model is shown.

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If an object is heavy, a humanoid robot pushes an object with strolling slowly, and vice versa. Also, for planning the gait in real-time, we newly suggest an analytical methodology the place the newly calculated trajectory of the robot movement is easily connected to the current one. The effectiveness of the proposed technique is confirmed by simulation and experiment. Pushing heavy and large objects in a airplane requires producing appropriate operational forces that compensate for unpredictable ground-object friction forces. This is a problem as a outcome of the response forces from the heavy object can easily trigger a humanoid robot to slip at its ft or lose stability and fall down.

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This paper presents a manipulation planner with cable orientation constraints for tethered instruments suspended by device balancers. The planner makes use of orientation constraints to restrict the bending of the balancer’s cable while the robot manipulates a tool and places it in a desired pose. The constraints cut back entanglements and reduce the torque induced by the cable on the robotic joints. The planner is predicted to play promising roles in manufacturing cells. In this paper, we propose new method for the task of pushing an object by a humanoid robot.

The effectiveness of the proposed technique is confirmed by simulations and experiments. The contribution of this work is to indicate that real-time nonlinear mannequin predictive management could be carried out on position controlled humanoid robots. Following the idea of ” strolling with out considering ” , we suggest a walking sample generator that takes into account simultaneously the place and orientation of the ft. A requirement for an utility in real-world situations is the avoidance of obstacles. Therefore the paper shows an extension of the sample generator that directly considers the avoidance of convex obstacles. The algorithm uses the whole-body dynamics to correct the middle of mass trajectory of the underlying simplified model.

We prolong a full-body balancing controller by simultaneously controlling the response forces of each palms using dual-arm force control. The main contribution of this paper is a method to calculate dual-arm reference forces contemplating the moments across the vertical axis of the humanoid robot and objects. This technique entails estimating friction forces based mostly on drive measurements and controlling response forces to comply with the reference forces. We present experimental outcomes on the HRP-2 humanoid robot pushing a ninety wheelchair. Pivoting manipulation may be an various to pushing operation when the floor just isn’t flat enough, or when the thing to manipulate is merely too heavy.