An attribute is a property or characteristic of an entity. An entity could contain any variety of attributes. One of the attributes is considered as the first key. In an Entity-Relation model, attributes are represented in an elliptical form. A ____ entity has a main key that’s partially or totally derived from the mother or father entity in the relationship. Reported from lecturers around the globe.

Dear Readers, Welcome to Database a quantity of choice questions and answers with clarification. These goal sort Database questions are essential if your vehicle begins to hydroplane you should _____ for campus placement test and job interviews. A ____ relationship exists when an association is maintained within a single entity.

If an entity can exist aside from a number of related entities, it’s mentioned to be ____-independent. A ____ could be represented with a single-valued attribute. A derived attribute is indicated within the Chen mannequin by a ____. A ____ attribute can be additional subdivided to yield further attributes. All the content material obtainable on this weblog is for informational purposes solely.

No unlock operation can precede a lock operation in a special transaction. No data is affected until all locks are released. No information is affected till the transaction is in its locked position. The ____ depicts the arrangement of higher-level entity supertypes and lower-level entity subtypes .

The database is shut down for upkeep. Of the next occasions, which is outlined by ANSI as being equivalent to a ROLLBACK? Older systems that usually comprise information of poor high quality are known as ____ systems.

In the entity relationship diagram, shown in Figure 8.2, each attribute is represented by an oval with a name inside. The entity relationship diagram is used to graphically represent the ____ database mannequin. Let us now learn the way the ER Model is represented by means of an ER diagram. Normalization works via a sequence of stages called normal varieties. For most functions in enterprise database design, ____ stages are as high as you should go in the normalization process. For instance, Name of a pupil may be additional divided into first name, middle name and final name.

That is called as______attribute. An ________ is a set of entities of the same type that share the identical properties, or attributes. Student table for query 6, by A. ERD of faculty database for questions 7-10, by A.