Hanna Marin

They open the food, and, to their horror, find it was replaced with stay earthworms. “A” sends a text about this being what reside bait seems like. Next, the 4 girls are sitting in Spencer’s house, warming Hanna up by the hearth. She is certain that Lucas continues to be alive and on the market, though the opposite girls say he by no means came back as a lot as shore. Hanna is about to take a drink of water when the other girls notice it’s lake water and stop her. An accompanying textual content from “A” is sent seconds after Hanna drinks slightly little bit of the lake water.

Aria tells Emily she was never the weakest hyperlink, that Spencer was. Mona pretends like she would not know something and Aria threatens her before getting known as into the principal’s workplace. Later, Hanna finds Caleb in a classroom and he tells her that his aunt is moving away and that he has an opportunity to go look at some things before she leaves. Hanna goes to Aria’s house as aria tells her about Wesley and that she is going to cook dinner for Caleb so he can go to his aunt’s house. Hanna asks aria what does she plan to do with the earrings and aria says she goes to keep them. At lunch, Aria and Emily meets up with Hanna they usually speak about Spencer leaving her English class as they spot Ezra.

Hanna utters in disbelief, Aria asks what’s incorrect and Hanna tells them the plan is not going to work. Emily tells her not to say it will not work, and Hanna questions her, asking “Who else is gonna say it?”. Aria tells her they’re going to be okay as a outcome of they’ve thought of every little thing. But Hanna hits back and tells her that no person thinks of everything. Hanna states that they are going to jail and she’s going to be charged for vehicular manslaughter.

When Ashley walks in she asks how did she damage her arm but Hanna says she fell in fitness center. Ashley then asks her if it has been tough seeing Mona on a daily basis at college and threatens to call Vice Principal Tamborelli however Hanna says she can deal with Mona and simply depart it alone. The subsequent day at lunch, the women are speaking about Mona going up towards Spencer for staff Captain. Hanna says that if Mona is as a lot as her old tricks then they should stay away from her. Mona then walks over and says that she thanks Spencer for not being indignant and she shall be ready to’t have any access to the Internet.

He then asks if she needs any budget champagne, she affirms but says that they need to give Cupid something to remember before getting on top of him to have intercourse again. Hanna tells Emily that she has much more to fret about than that and asks if Emily needs her to drive her. Emily says that they have a service, they only want to make certain that there’s someone who will help her get settled into bed after. Hanna offers to mash up Emily’s jello the way she likes it, however notices that Emily is nervous. Emily says that she’s weirded out by the text; Hanna asks if she means the one from Aria, but says that if Byron and Ella get remarried then Aria won’t need to testify towards him if he is responsible. Hanna shows up at Spencer’s interview to talk together with her; Spencer excuses herself and Hanna tells her that her Mom is in bother.

Lesli walks over to them, indignant that Mona made her an confederate in Mona’s faked murder. Lesli says she could lose every thing because she thought Mona was a sufferer. Mona apologizes to Lesli for every thing however Lesli doesn’t forgive her, as a substitute she threatens Mona.

Arriving home, Hanna walks into the kitchen to search out Ashley locations some yellow tulips right into a vase, “hey”. Questioning if Ashley heard back from a job, Hanna listens as Ashley tells her no, not yet, before Ashley shows Hanna her left hand, which is baring an engagement ring. Sitting down, Hanna listens as Ashley says that Ted called and so they went on a walk to talk, and the rest is history. When Hanna solely says “wow”, Ashley comments that her response actually put the luke in lukewarm, to which Hanna says that she’s pleased for her. Ashley mentions that she’s confused, before saying that Hanna was the one to convince her to go back to Ted and beg for his forgiveness.

Hanna watches as Caleb places some ice in a tea towel, and standing up she wonders, “Caleb you didn’t”, however Caleb tells her after all he did. When Hanna drops her head into her arms, Caleb tells her that there’s an issue carhop auto sales & finance 10061 central ave ne blaine mn 55434 usa, and Hanna tells him “yeah, no kidding. ” Caleb passes Hanna a observe and after studying it, Hanna says that she didn’t write it.

Saying that Aria shouldn’t have done that, Hanna listens as Aria mentions that when she received to the garage a store supervisor advised her that Hank was injured whereas he was working on a automobile. Hanna tells Aria to cease saying Hank, it’s confusing, earlier than questioning the place Cyrus is. Aria tells her that he’s being treated at Tack Memorial Hospital, and she known as but he can’t have visitors till tomorrow. Listening as Aria says they need to go down there and talk to Cyrus before he disappears again, Hanna questions why Aria is willing to go down this road with the guy who tried to run her over along with his hog. Aria explains that when Mike met up with Cyrus, Cyrus admitted that he was paid to set Alison up, so if they can talk to him again, maybe he can provide them some sort of perception into who contacted them.

Spencer says that Hanna was truly the first particular person she considered when Veronica mentioned she was leaving Peter. Hanna can’t believe that he would threat every little thing to kill Mrs D., and Spencer tells her that the police have been asking questions concerning the woman in Alison’s grave, and her dad thought Mrs D. Ashley knocks on the door to let Hanna know Travis is downstairs, and asks Spencer if every thing is alright at home as she noticed Veronica at the Bradbury. After Ashley has left, Hanna says she might have told Ashley the reality, as she would never decide Veronica and Peter for splitting up.