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There are another islands round it, corresponding to Thoronos, mendacity within the course of Italy, and the 2 islands of Paxos in that of Leucadia, each of them 5 miles distant from Corcyra. Not removed from these, and in front of Corcyra, are Ericusa, Marathe, Elaphusa, Malthace, Trachie, Pythionia, Ptychia, Tarachie, and, off Phalacrum, a promontory of Corcyra, the rock into which the ship of Ulysses was modified. § four.12.2After them come the Locrians, surnamed Epicnemidii, formerly called Leleges, via whose nation the river Cephisus passes, in its course to the sea. Their cities are Opus; from which the Opuntian Gulf takes its name, and Cynos. In the inside of Locris is Elatea, and on the banks of the Cephisus, as we now have previously stated, Lilaea, and, dealing with Delphi, Cnemis and Hyampolis.

§ 5.10.3The Nile begins to extend at the subsequent new moon after the summer season solstice, and rises slowly and steadily because the sun passes by way of the sign of Cancer; it is at its greatest top while the sun is passing via Leo, and it falls as slowly and gradually as it arose while he is passing via the sign of Virgo. It has totally subsided between its banks, as we study from Herodotus, on the hundredth day, when the solar has entered Libra. While it’s rising it has been pronounced legal for kings or prefects even to sail upon its waters. Its most desirable height is sixteen cubits; if the waters don’t attain that height, the overflow is not universal; but when they exceed that measure, by their slowness in receding they tend to retard the method of cultivation.

The district which lies within the neighborhood of Pelusium contains the next Nomes, Pharbaethites, Bubastites, Sethroites, and Tanites. § four.24.3Lake Maeotis, which receives the river Tanais because it flows from the Riphaean Mountains, and types the extreme moonboy crypto boundary between Europe and Asia, is claimed to be 1406 miles in circumference; which nevertheless some writers state at only 1125. From the doorway of this lake to the mouth of the Tanais in a straight line is, it is generally agreed, a distance of 375 miles.

§ 7.26.4After having rescued the ocean coast from pirates and restored to the Roman People the command of the sea, he celebrated a overcome Asia, Pontus, Armenia, Paphlagonia, Cappadocia, Cicilia, Syria, the Scythians, Jews and Albanians, Iberia, the Island of Crete, the Basternae, and, in addition to these, over King Mithridates and Tigranes. The crowning pinnacle of this superb record was to have found Asia the remotest of the provinces after which to have made her a central dominion of his nation. If anybody on the other side needs to evaluate in similar manner the achievements of Caesar, who confirmed himself greater than Pompey, he must assuredly roll off the entire world, and this it will be agreed is a task with out restrict.

We then come to a gulf which runs far into the inside, upon that are situate the Laenitae, who’ve given to it their name; also their royal metropolis of Agra, and upon the gulf that of Laeana, or as some name it Aelana; indeed, by a few of our writers this has been referred to as the Aelanitic Gulf, and by others again, the Aelenitic; Artemidorus calls it the Alenitic, and Juba the Laenitic. The circumference of Arabia, measured from Charax to Laeana, is alleged to be 4 thousand 600 and sixty-six miles, but Juba thinks that it is somewhat less than 4 thousand. Its widest half is at the north, between the cities of Heroopolis and Charax. We will now point out the remaining places and peoples of the interior of Arabia.

But this was the price paid for a warfare, not for an individual, simply as in reality when Clutorius Priscus bought one of Sejanus’s eunuchs Paezon for 50,000,000, this was the worth of lust and never of magnificence. But Clutorius received away with this outrageous affair throughout a period of nationwide mourning, as no person had time to level out him up. We find within the Annals that within the consulship of Publius Licinius Crassus and Gaius Cassius Longinus a woman at Casinum was turned into a boy, beneath the remark of the dad and mom, and at the order of the augurs was conveyed away to a desert island. Licinius Mucianus has recorded that he personally saw at Argos a man named Arescon who had been given the name of Arescusa and had truly married a husband, and then had grown a beard and developed masculine attributes and had taken a wife; and that he had also seen a boy with the same report at Smyrna. I myself noticed in Africa an individual who had was a male on the day of marriage to a husband; this was Lucius Constitius, a citizen of Thysdritum…. At the delivery of twins neither the mom nor greater than one of the two kids normally lives, but that if twins are born that are of different sex it’s much more unusual for either to be saved; that females are born extra shortly than males, simply as they grow older extra rapidly; and that movement in the womb is extra frequent within the case of males, and males are usually carried on the proper side, females on the left.

They are caught in a selection of ways, however chiefly as they rise to the surface of the ocean when the climate within the morning attracts them, and float throughout the calm waters with the whole of their backs projecting, and this pleasure of respiratory freely cheats them into self-forgetfulness so much that their cover gets dried up by the heat and they are unable to dive, and go on floating towards their will, an opportune prey for their hunters. Turtles are caught without any difficulty within the Phoenician Sea; and at a regular period of the year they arrive of their very own accord into the river Eleutherus in a straggling multitude. § eight.74.1Marcus Varro informs us, on his personal authority, that the wool on the distaff and spindle of Tanaquil was still preserved in the temple of Sancus; and in addition within the shrine of Fortune a pleated royal gown made by her, which had been worn by Servius Tullius. Hence arose the follow that maidens at their marriage have been accompanied by a adorned distaff and a spindle with thread.

The first folks that we meet are the Chaones, from whom Chaonia receives its name, then the Thesproti, and then the Antigonenses. We then come to the place where Aornos stood, with its exhalations so lethal to the feathered race, the Cestrinis, the Perrhaebi, in whose country Mount Pindus is situate, the Cassiopaei, the Dryopes, the Sellae, the Hellopes, the Molossi, in whose territory is the temple of the Dodonaean Jupiter, so well-known for its oracle; and Mount Tomarus, so highly praised by Theopompus, with its hundred springs gushing from its foot. § 3.21.2From Cato we additionally study that Comum, Bergomum, and Licini forum, and some other peoples within the vicinity, originated with the Orobii, however he admits that he is ignorant as to the origin of that nation. Cornelius Alexander nevertheless informs us that they got here from Greece, interpreting their name as meaning “those who reside upon the mountains.” In this district, Parra has disappeared, a town of the Orobii, from whom, according to Cato, the individuals of Bergomum are descended; its site even but exhibits that it was situate ready more elevated than fruitful. The Caturiges have additionally perished, an exiled race of the Insubres, as also Spina beforehand mentioned; Melpum too, a place distinguished for its opulence, which, as we are informed by Cornelius Nepos, was destroyed by the Insubres, the Boii, and the Senones, on the very day on which Camillus took Veii. § three.20.6We next come to the overflowing mouths of Carbonaria, and the Fosses of Philistina, by some called Tartarus, all of which originate within the overflow of the waters within the Philistinian Canal, swollen by the streams of the Atesis, descending from the Tridentine Alps, and of the Togisonus, flowing from the territory of the Patavini.