Which Of The Next Attributes Is Commonest Of A Service?

You don’t just want to say your answer is a, hope it . Provide proof and reasoning in order that they know that that is the correct answer. A good explanation should have evidence, good reasoning, and your opinion on why you picked that. You do not want to look up their query on the web and see should you can answer it.

The Dulac Box plant produces 500 cypress packing packing containers in two 10-hour shifts. Due to larger demand, they have determined to operate three 8-hour shifts as a substitute which feature of the muscle tissue shown here is shared with skeletal muscle tissue?. They are now in a place to produce 600 boxes per day. What has occurred to production?

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It has increased by 50 sets/shift. It has elevated by 37.5 sets/hr. It has increased by 20%. It has decreased by eight.3%.

Environmentally-sensitive manufacturing is giving method to low-cost focus. Rapid product improvement is partly the results of shorter product cycles. All of the above statements are true.

None of the above is a true statement. Shewhart’s contributions to operations management got here through the Scientific Management Era. In order to have a profession in operations administration, one must have a level in statistics or quantitative strategies. An example of a “hidden” production operate is money transfers at banks. The manufacturing process at Hard Rock Café is restricted to meal preparation and serving customers.